We have several authorized dealers that can help you install any Sync 3 mods or doing any possible modification to your car. Remember that all the mods available on FMods.net are FREE TO DOWNLOAD, but require the use of an eMMC Reader. If you don't want to remove your Sync 3 from the car, or if you don't have the skills to do that, keep in mind that some Dealers will be able to install the mods without opening your Sync 3, directly from USB. We can guarantee that our sponsored dealers have an high degree of general electronic Ford vehicles knowledge but some might have specialized knowledge related a specific mod, car model or module. Don't forget that our dealers are not associated with Ford and never will be and keep in mind that if your car is still under warranty, customizing it may void part of or the entire warranty of your vehicle.


Sin is represented by the letter Z in the Yevon script alphabet. It appears in many places in Final Fantasy X, sometimes paired with the letter A, the symbol of Yu Yevon, symbolizing the beginning and the end of things.