Are all mods available for free?

Yes, all the mods available on FMods are free to download.

What do you provide?

The packages available on FMods are not a 'ready to use' .TAR.GZ. We provide the sources of the mods using a patch file (or .diff) that can be used by to apply the mod on Sync 3 files and if possible a shell script to install it from a QNX VM. This avoids any Copyright issues with Ford Motor Company.

Does your mods contains Ford Motor Company Copyrighted code?

No, our mods contains 100% custom code. We will not provide any FoMoCo file.

Does your Sync 3 mods survive a factory reset and a software update?

Our mods will survive in case of a factory reset and hard reset. If you update the Sync 3 Build (the system) or if you use the reformat utility you will lose the ability to install mods through USB, but the community developed two special packages that can be used to maintain the Daemon. Maps, System Voices, Navigation Voices,FM/DAB Logo and Gracenotes can be updated without any special precaution.

How can I install the packages available on FMods?

All mods can be installed directly from USB, but before being able to do that you have to Jailbreak your Sync 3.

Additionally, any FMods package require the Daemon and the Mods Tools packages installed on your Sync 3.

The folder where you have to copy the mod must be called SyncMyMod  (yeah, that's a SyncMyRide ripoff lol) and it must contain an .sh script named which will be the executed file.

Why you are not using the "custom certificate" method to allow installation of custom mods?

We chose to not use that method for several reasons, but mainly because if Ford remove the second certificate from the system, everyone will be fucked. 

I developed a mod and i want to share it with the community, what should i do?

If you created a mod and want to share it with the community on please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You have to provide a mod description, some screenshots and provide a patch file (or .diff). Once we test the mods we will upload it to the website. Full credit will be given in the mod page.

Are you associated with Ford?

NO! We are not associated with Ford and never will be. We are just a passionate group of people that love Ford cars and their potential. Beware that if your car is still under warranty customizing your Sync 3 (or any other module) may void part of or the entire warranty of your vehicle.